I am a frustrated writer…

and a novice on this platform, yep, might delete this part if I feel the need to. 🙂

…that this skeptical mind has the singularity of overthinking but is limited to coffee, and sunflowers, and Literature. So please bear with me ladies and gentlemen as I am dealing with the basics – of everything!

Literature has always been an immense world for me. As it is an ocean, I am a fish. As it is the reason I am breathing and will continue as hundreds of dreadful therein, its light sparkles.

Literature is an infinite universe that human beings should understand and invoke themselves into – I am a mediator.

Presently, I am writing poems and doing #PoetryFriday on my Twitter account, and oh, I am also teaching Literature for high school students somewhere in Manila, Philippines.

Soon, I will be connecting to the world through my written short stories and novels but let me enjoy these city lights first while drinking my coffee – and doing this blog, of course.  🙂

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